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Asia-Pacific IMBN is committed to ensuring that there is little or no duplication of effort between its activities and those of other national andinternational organizations active in the life science arena. It will, therefore, liaise with such organizations as FAOBMB, UNESCO, CGIAR, etc, to streamline and coordinate their respective efforts.

A-IMBN Initiatives

A Formal Link with the Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Network (APBioNet)

Asia-Pacific IMBN Expert Commissions

The Asia-Pacific IMBN will establish a series of Expert Commissions in various areas of interest and priority to the Network to review issues and concerns, to assess the current situation and level of capability in the region, and go on to recommend how the Network can play an effective role in facilitating development of excellence in that area of interest for Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Fellowships and Studentships

The Prospective Launch of Industry-Academia Collaborations and Consortia

Asia-Pacific IMBN Laboratories

Virtual Asia-Pacific International Molecular Biology Laboratory ("www.eimbl.org")

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