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The Components of Asia-Pacific IMBN

Members - from among whom representatives on the Governing Council are elected;

Asia-Pacific IMBN Supporting Institutions which are institutions, public and private, which are committed to the goals and objectives of Asia-Pacific IMBN and which provides financial and in-kind support as specified in the guidelines established by the Governing Council

Asia Pacific IMBN Governing Council is the governance authority. The Council is expected to operate several committees including a Membership Committee, a Program Committee and a Finance and Resource Mobilization Committee. The Asia-Pacific IMBN Governing Council is responsible for overseeing the establishment of the Asia-Pacific IMBN. The Governing Council plans to establish Asia-Pacific IMBN by inter-governmental agreement as this would ensure the strongest levels of commitment and "ownership" of Asia-Pacific IMBN by governments and national funding agencies.

The Asia-Pacific IMBN Advisors which consist of prominent leading figures internationally selected because of their individual excellence to help provide advice and guidance to the Network

The Asia-Pacific IMBN Support Council in which Asia-Pacific IMBN funders and supporters (including supporting institutions, foundations, government support agencies, and industry sponsors) would be invited to participate to help shape the direction and focus of its activities, to ensure that these are consistent with priority concerns and needs of scientists and institutions in the region, and to provide support (financial and in-kind) for the work of Asia-Pacific IMBN.

Asia-Pacific IMBN Secretariat is the action-focused compartment of the organization. This is the primary contact point for parties interested in the aims and activities of Asia-Pacific IMBN.

A-IMBN Secretariat
Mr. Kevin K. Yoon(Managing Director) kevin@a-imbn.org
Ms. Hyunjung Lee(Administrative Staff) hjlee@a-imbn.org

A-IMBN Secretariat, Bio-MAX Institute
Seoul National University
Seoul 151-742, Korea
TEL : +82-2-872-8016 / FAX : +82-2-882-6702

Asia-Pacific IMBN Governing Council

Constitution of the Governing Council

An elected Governing Council met for the 1st time in February 1999 in Tsukuba, Japan, and took over governance responsibility for Asia-Pacific IMBN from the Establishment Taskforce. Ken-ichi Arai was elected President of the Governing Council, Louis Lim was elected Vice-President (Organizational Development), Yim Jeongbin Vice-President (Program Development) and Nancy Ip was elected Treasurer. Gurinder Shahi, as Executive Director/Coordinator of the Asia-Pacific IMBN Secretariat, serves as Secretary to the Governing Council.

  • Jeongbin Yim, Professor, School of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University
  • John Stanley Mattick, Professor, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland
  • Zuxun Gong, Professor, Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Jung-Yaw Lin, Professor Institute of Biochemistry College of Medicine National Taiwan University
  • Nancy Y. Ip, Professor, Director, Biotechnology Research Institute, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Obaid Siddiqi, Emeritus Professor, Tata Inst. of Fundamental Research, National Center for Biological Sciences
  • Yoram Groner, Professor of Molecular Genetics and Vice President, The Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Ken-ichi Arai, Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo; President&CEO, SBI Biotech
  • Yoshikazu Nakamura, Professor, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo
  • Chong-Lek Koh, Professor, Nat'l Inst. of Education, Nanyang Technological University
  • Warren P. Tate, Professor and Head of Department of Biochemistry, University of Otago
  • Filipinas F. Natividad, Professor, Research and Biotechnology Division, St. Luke's Medical Center
  • Jisnuson Svasti, Professor Dept. of Biochemistry Faculty of Science Mahidol University
  • Kong Peng Lam, Principal Scientist, Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI), A*STAR
  • Duong Hoa Xo, Director, The Biotechnology Center of Ho Chi Minh City

The Council agreed to maintain 3 Committees:

Membership Development Committee

  • Chair:
  • Warren Tate, Head, Biochemistry Dept., University of Otago, New Zealand

Committee Members

  • Gynheung An, Professor, Dept of Life Science, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
  • William Chia, Deputy Director (Academic & Research Matters), Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore
  • Ashley Dunn, Professor, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Australia
  • Lin Jung Yaw, Professor, Institute of Biochemistry, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Chinese Taipei
  • Bernadette Libranda-Ramirez, Vice-Chair (Research), Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of the Philippines, Philippines
  • Atsushi Miyajima, Professor, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biosciences, University of Tokyo
  • Tikki Pang, Director, Research Policy & Cooperation, Evidence & Information for Policy Cluster, WHO (representing Malaysia)
  • Leo Sachs, Otto Meyerhof of Molecular Biology, Dept. of Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute, Israel
  • Obaid Siddiqi, Emeritus Professor, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India
  • Harawati Sudoyo, Executive Manager, Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, Indonesia
  • Patrick Sullivan, Head, Institute of Molecular BioSciences, Massey University, New Zealand
  • Jisnuson Svasti, Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, Mahidol University, Thailand
  • Jerry Wang, Head, Dept of Biochemistry, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China

Program Committee

  • Co-Chairs:
  • Yoshikazu Nakamura, Prof, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Jeongbin Yim, Prof, School of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University, Korea

  • Committee Members

  • Amares Bhumiratana, Prof. Dept of Biotechnology, Mahidol University, Thailand
  • Chen Chien-Jen, Prof., Graduate Institute of Epidemiology, National Taiwan University, Chinese Taipei
  • Benjamin Geiger, Head, Dept of Molecular Cell Biology, Weizmann Institute, Israel
  • Koh Chong-Lek, Prof. & Coordinator of Genetics & Molecular Biology, Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • John Mattick, Prof. & Director, Center for Molecular and Cellular Biologym, Australian Genome Research Facility, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Filipinas Natividad, Director, Research and Biotechnology Div., St. Luke's Medical Center, Philippines
  • Catherine Pallen, Assoc. Prof, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore
  • Wong Yung-Hou, Assoc. Prof, Dept. of Biology, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China

Finance and Resource Mobilization Committee

  • Chair:
  • Nancy Ip, Director, Biotechnology Research Institute, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • Committee Members:

  • Hwang Jaulang, Director, Institute of Molecular Biology, Academic Sinica, Chinese Taipei
  • Katsuro Koike, Chief, Dept. of Gene Research, The Cancer Institute, Japan
  • Alex Levitzki, Wolfson Family Professor of Biochemistry, Dept. of Biological Chemistry, The Alexander Silverman Institute of Life Sciences, Israel
  • Keith Stanley, Deputy Director, Centre for Immunology, St. Vincent's Hospital, Australia
  • Y H Tan, Director, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore
  • Wilfred Tiu, Professor, Dept. of Parasitology, College of Public Health, University of the Philippines, Philippines
  • James Watson, CEO, Genesis Research and Development Corporation Limited, New Zealand.
  • Ook Joon Yoo, Director, Biomedical Research Center, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
  • Zulkeflie Zamrod, Lecturer, Dept. of Genetics and Centre for Gene Analysis and Technology, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

Asia-Pacific IMBN Advisors

    Asia-Pacific IMBN is proud to have distinguished scientists as our advisors.

  • David Baltimore*, President, California Institute of Technology, USA
  • Paul Berg*, Director, Stanford University, School of Medicine, USA
  • Sydney Brenner, Director, The Molecular Sciences Institute, USA
  • Frank Gannon, Executive Director, European Molecular Biology Organization, Germany
  • Marianne Grunberg-Manago, Emeritus Director of Research, French National Research Council, Institute de Biologie, Physico-Chimque, France
  • Tasuku Honjo, Dean, School of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Robert Huber*, Abteilung Structurforschung, Max-Planck-Institute fur Biochemie, Germany
  • Fotis C. Kafatos, Director General, European Molecular Biology Laboratories, Germany
  • Gobind Khorana*, Department of Biology and Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Richard M. Krause, Senior Scientific Advisor, Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health, USA
  • Arthur Levine, Senior Vice Chancellor, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburg, USA
  • Maciej J. Nalecz, Director, The Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
  • Gustav Victor Nossal, Prof. Emeritus, Department of Pathology, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Michael Sela, President of the Scientific Council, Institut Pasteur-Weizmann Institute, Israel
  • * Nobel Laureate

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